Siskiyou Smokejumper Base Museum

Siskiyou Smokejumper Museum

Siskiyou Smokejumper Base Restoration Projects

Efforts to restore and preserve the historic buildings Siskiyou Smokejumper Base began in 2004 with the preliminary work being done to identify the significance of the base’s history, collect historic photographs, and begin processing the paperwork necessary to get the base listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The buildings were badly deteriorated and preservation advocates had difficulty getting permission to do preservation work from the airport administrator. The first attempt to work on the parachute loft occurred in October, 2008.

In June 2009, the first restoration project week was organized with about twenty volunteers working for a week to restore the exterior of the historic parachute loft.

In June 2010, more than 100 people came to participate in the work week with the emphasis focused on restoring the administration building and installing a roof on the parachute loft.

2008 Restoration Work

The first work to be done on any of the historic buildings at Siskiyou Smokejumper Base occurred in October of 2008 when a small group of community residents scraped paint on the parachute loft in preparation of painting the building. The work party worked for about four hours on one day but was unable to continue work because of complications and delays getting authorization from the airport administrator.

2008 Contributors Includes donations of cash, materials, in-kind


  • Hal Ewing
  • Bob Nolan

Up to $100

  • Illinois Valley Building Supply
  • Gary Mills

2009 Restoration Work

The first full scale restoration work to be done on the historic buildings in the Siskiyou Smokejumper Base took place in June of 2009 with emphasis being placed on restoring the exterior of the smokejumper parachute loft. See links to different work days above to see galleries of photos taken during each work day.

2010 Restoration Work

The 2010 project week was focused on restoring the historic administration building, cleaning and painting the interior of the mess hall, and putting a new roof on the smokejumper parachute loft.

More than a hundred volunteers showed up this week with an average of about 60 people working each day.

The large number of people made it possible to work on projects that had been planned for the 2011 project week to include fixing sidewalks problems that were barriers to wheelchair access, trimming trees, and installing a new roof on the mess hall.

$1000 and higher

Preserving Oregon Grant (ORPD)
Roy and Sara Bella
Hal and Rena Ewing
National Smokejumper Association
Rena Ewing
Bob “Rigger” Snyder


Gary Cote
John McDaniel
David Oswalt
Marlene Dutton
Bob and Myla McCann
Jim Allen
Dan Casey

Down N Out Seamless Rain Gutters, Ace Plumbing (Grants Pass), Jerry Katt, Star Jenkins, Lonnie Oswalt, Hal and Rena Ewing, Greg Schmidt, Pat Wright (Swift), John Manley, David Atkin, John Kingle, Steve Johnson, Tommy Ewing, Bob Wilden, Jack McCornack, Doug Becklew, Phil Clarke, Troop Emonds, Bob Nolan, Sandi Cassanelli, Jim Lancaster, Ron Lufkin, Adam Hunnicutt, Bill Ruskin, Bill Buck, Terry Egan, Dan O’Roarke, Gary Buck, Doug Crippen, John Manley, Norm Pawlowski, Bob Lightly, Dick Groom, Bob Wilken, John Helmer, Lee Gossett

Up to $100
Illinois Valley Building Supply, Sherwin-Williams Paint, Don Smith Construction, Cultural & Ecological Enhancement Network, Bob “Rigger” Snyder, Michael Russo, Mel Greenup, Ron Thoreson, Peter Block, Darvin Miller, Terry Mewhinney, Bob Hooper, Michael McCraken, Don Wallace, Leonard Macatee
Dan Smith, Bob Thomas, Howbart Bonnett

2011 Restoration Work

The emphasis of 2011 project week will be on getting the parachute loft cleaned out and work started on setting this up as the main museum. Planning has been on hold for several years due to complications with the current tenant being able to obtain a lease for the metal warehouse immediately north of the loft so he can move out and open the building for development of the smokejumper museum.

There will also be work done to complete an Oregon Heritage Commission Grant and will include installing displays in the mess hall visitor center and setting up displays for a walking tour (400kb).

$1000 and higher

Oregon Heritage Commission
Roy Belli


Bob Nolan
David Oswalt
Build and Split Contracting
Ace Plumbing
Jim and Sharon Roman

Western United Fish Company, True Value Hardware, William Knight, Jerry Schmidt, Roy Floch, Signs Now (Medford), Jerry Howe, Fred Meyer Stores, Rick Kelley

Up to $100
Dave Arnold, Grace Sprague, Sandi Cassanelli, Star Jenkins


Daves Outdoor Power Equipment, Build and Split Construction, Dave Gilmore Construction, Tom Hunnicutt Roofing, Jack McCornack, Ken Swift Tree Service, Kerby Electric, Jim Dunlap, Taylors Sausage, Rick Kelly