Siskiyou Smokejumper Base Museum

Siskiyou Smokejumper Museum


Hanging Out with History in the Ready Room

Secure your place in Gobi history with our Fundraising Campaign

As we restore the Gobi, one hope is to provide recognition to those who made the Gobi so meaningful. One show of recognition will be in the Loft to display the names of Gobi Jumpers above the Suit-Up rack in the Ready Room.

Any Jumper who was part of the CJ crew during their career is invited to participate in this fund raising campaign that will permanently inscribe your name at the base. For a donation of $100.00, your name plate will be placed above the Suit-Up rack in the Ready Room. You, a family member, or friend may also make a donation for a deceased CJ jumper in their recognition.

Gobites never leave, they just hang around.

Your participation in the Ready Room Name Plate Project will insure that the most important part of the Base is present, the people who made it. Along with your check, we will need your first and last name, your nick name if applicable, and the year you rookied (regardless of which base you rookied at). Additionally, we will need similar information for other Gobi Jumpers that you would like to recognize.

Make Check to:

Siskiyou Smokejumper Base Museum

Mail your check to:

Garry Peters
168 Anchor Lock Lane
Eastsound, WA 98245

The plate will be approximately 3”x 1” and contain your name, nick-name, and year rookied.

Revitalization, Restoration, and Upkeep

Where the Fundraising and your Support goes

Are you aware that a Twin Beech has been gained and will become an exhibit? It sits proudly on the pad outside the Ready Room awaiting restoration and jumper modifications. Well received guided tours are conducted daily and extend midMarch through mid-November? All major buildings have been restored to their historical appearance. The interior of the Saw Shack is next. It is looking like the Gobi you remember.

The Beech has just arrived. It still needs the wings and tail reassembled, smokejumper modifications, and a paint job.